Welsh Quilt Centre Visit


Welsh Quilt Centre visit

Welsh Quilt Centre visit

Last week I gave myself a day off and went to the Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampeter to see this year’s exhibition entitled ‘Early to Bed’.  It’s quite a trek from here, but definitely well worth it.  The exhibition runs until the first of November and includes a display of Janet Bolton’s textile pictures and Sandie Lush’s sweater quilts, so there’s plenty going on.

Early to bed exhibition

Early to bed exhibition

Early to Bed Exhibition

The Early to Bed exhibition celebrates ‘folk art and ‘make-do and mend’ in the work of the rural quilters of 19th centurey Wales’.

What else could you use to display these quilts but several beds!

The Welsh Quilt Centre specialises in vintage quilts and their conservation.  Before you begin you are given a laminated sheet with short descriptions and histories of the quilts.  This includes descriptions of some of the conservation work carried out on the quilts and I found that fascinating.

The display includes Janet Bolton’s textile pictures which are utterly charming and there is a separate display of sweater quilts by Sandie Lush- wonderful use of different textiles to give the appearance of sweaters – very clever.

After a succulent lunch at the cafe next door and a visit to the gold mines on my way home, I felt that I had packed plenty into my day out.

Of course, what I should have been doing with my day was more sewing for my holiday – I have plans to make a sunhat before I go, but it’s beginning to look as if I may not have time for that.  Yesterday I spent a happy day at the Fabric Freedom warehouse.  I was able to re stock my batiks which sold out completely last week as kits for the batik quilt.  As usual, I bought far too much, but I was really pleased with two different ranges of Christmas fabric that I bought.  You can see them on Christmas fabric ranges.

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Green River Quilt Block

Green river quilt block

Green river quilt block

The green river quilt block is a nine patch block attributed to Nancy Page, one of those quilting columnists from the 1930’2.  Although I don’t usually use much green, I have used green as the main colour here because otherwise that would make a bit of a nonsense of the name.  I have made it as a 6″ square.

Cutting requirements for the green river quilt block

2.1/2″ squares:  two dark blue, two light blue, five green

Alternatively, you could replace four of the green squares with two 4.1/2″ by 2.1/2″ rectangles

Green river quilt block layout

Green river quilt block layout

Making the green river quilt block

Lay the squares out in three rows of three.  There’s a dark blue square in two diagonally opposite corners and a light blue square at each end of the middle row.  As you can see, I used the option of 4.1/2″ rectangles to replace green squares.  Everywhere else is green.  You have to admit that this is a very simple block.

Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows to each other to complete the green river quilt block.

Two green river quilt blocks together

Two green river quilt blocks together

The great thing about this block is what you can do with it when you make several of them.  I have only made two here, but you can see the pattern that the green is starting to form.  I think that this would make a lovely quilt border, giving you that stepped design all the way round the quilt – or of course you could do the same thing within a quilt and have that stepped design running across the quilt itself.

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